What Are Self Management Skills?

Self management sounds like being your own boss, but it doesn’t mean setting up your own business. In fact it means taking responsibility for your own actions and doing things as well as you can. It shows you are able to organise yourself and offer your own ideas to any project. It’s about being the boss of YOU, not the boss of a team or company!
Self management is about making a choice to do more than you need to, and it is a great skill to build for life and work.


Initiative is being able to work without always being told what to do. You can show initiative by thinking for yourself and taking action when needed. It means using your head, and having the drive to achieve. Initiative requires self belief, because you need resilience and motivation to go out of your way to solve problems or do things without being reminded or asked.


If you are organised in life and work it means you can plan your time and the things you have to do. You know what is most important, what should be done first and what will take the longest. It’s also about being prepared and having the things you need when you need them. So if you know you need certain tools or information to complete a task, you make sure you have them before you begin.


Accountability and responsibility are similar but they don’t mean the same thing. A manager at work could give you responsibility for a task but you could still look for someone else to blame if it all goes wrong, or you could decide not to put the effort in because you don’t really care about the results.
If you say to yourself that you are accountable, it means that you take ownership of the responsibilities that come your way. You take pride in your work and want to do it well to get the best results possible. You can be justly proud of the task’s success, and you accept responsibility if it goes wrong. If a task you are responsible for doesn’t go well, you will make it your personal mission to look for ways to improve next time or find a better way of completing the task using your problem solving skills. This is still accountability. It’s not about the task being successful or not – it’s about your attitude to the task.